Into the void: What the decision in Yvanova means

Into the void: What the decision in Yvanova means

4506-T electronic signatures begin Today, five days after President Obama signed the fiscal cliff legislation into law via autopen, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) will begin accepting electronic signatures on the common mortgage origination document, Form 4506-T.. This is the beginning of an electronic trend for the 2013 mortgage market.Consumption falls as consumers break free of mortgage debt Household debt is defined as the combined debt of all people in a household. It includes consumer debt and mortgage loans.A significant rise in the level of this debt coincides historically with many severe economic crises and was a cause of the U.S. and subsequent european economic crises of 2007-2012.

It also serves as a safeguard against the industry being exclusively operated by those with wealth and the means to establish. The yvanova supreme court decision being one of those. This is called due process at work. The right to due process does not mean that one will always win, but it does mean that one will get a fair consideration.

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Yvanova’s position has always [*15] been that the assignment made the deed of trust void. The New York trust law Glaski relied upon does not support this contention. New york trust law states that even if there is an act in violation of a trust agreement, the result is voidable, but not void.

It’s the time of year for ghosts, for creeping dread, and peering into the void. And what could possibly be better. And by telling ourselves to trust their decisions, we stopped thinking on our own.

IRS Issues Guidance on Loan Modifications Did you know that the fha home loan rulebook has guidance for lenders who aren’t sure whether FHA mortgages are available to those without U.S. citizenship? There are also rules that govern what is possible if you owe outstanding tax debt and related issues.

Fremont’s Subprime Platform Collapses; FDIC Steps In  · The estimates exclude the FDIC’s plan to boost the assessment rate by 3 cents per $100 in deposits in 2011 or the agency’s assumption that bank deposits will increase by 5 percent annually. fdic Is Bankrupt Last month I wrote As of Friday August 14, 2009, FDIC is Bankrupt.

The Assignment Is Your Case 2 On the other hand, if the assignment is totally "void" – meaning that it was never enforceable and was always totally without effect – then the homeowner/borrower is entitled to challenge the assignment, and challenge any later foreclosure by the void assignee. The Yvanova decision allowed the plaintiff in that case – and others who are similarly situated – to overcome one of the major arguments promoted by foreclosure agents against attempts to reverse foreclosures.

In Yvanova, the Supreme Court did not rule on the critical issue of whether the assignment of a note to a New York securitized trust after the trust’s closing date was void or instead, merely voidable, leaving that issue for the lower court to resolve.

Although Yvanova is obviously a disappointing decision for lenders, the scope of the Court’s review was narrow, and did not reach the question of whether a late assignment to a securitization trust is void or voidable. Perhaps that is why the Court did not seriously address the amicus briefs dealing with industry practice regarding such.

celink names robert sivori new chairman, CEO Celink names Robert Sivori new chairman, CEO Celink, the largest subservicer of reverse mortgages in the U.S., announced that Robert Sivori will take over as its new chairman and CEO.

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